Dr. George Talks Shoulder Dislocation
in Ortho-pinions, Bone & Joint Column

Recently Dr. Michael George was featured in an article on A Nation in Motion, Ortho-pinions, Bone & Joint Health Column. See an excerpt from the article below:

You are minding your own business on the ski slopes, enjoying the day, when your skiis get twisted and you go down. As you put your arm down to brace your fall, you feel a thunk in your shoulder, and even though you have never experienced this before, you know your shoulder has dislocated out of socket.

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the ball, known as the humeral head, pops out of the socket, or glenoid. The shoulder must be set back in place soon in order to function. But while it may seem that the shoulder is fine once it is put back in place, there may be much more damage underlying...


See the full article at: http://anationinmotion.org/ortho-pinion/just-a-shoulder-dislocation/