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Knee injuries are very common, especially among athletes, and some injuries can even limit simple day-to-day activities. The knee specialists at KSF Orthopaedic Center in Northwest Houston are trained and experienced in quality knee treatment and therapy. 

Knee Treatment

Due to the way it is built and the functions it is expected to perform, there are a variety of ways the knee can be injured, particularly in the athletic arena.  An athlete in a physically demanding sport like football and basketball runs the risk of tearing the meniscus or ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).  Runners have a knee condition named after them: patellofemoral pain, otherwise known as runner’s knee. 

In addition, even normal wear and tear adds up over time, leading to a range of conditions that manifest with age, including arthritis of the knee, kneecap bursitis and osteoarthritis of the knee. 

To treat these and other knee-related ailments, you need a knee specialist thoroughly schooled in the latest treatment techniques with access to the proper facilities.  KSF Orthopaedic Center has the expertise to treat any number of orthopedic knee conditions, including:

Founded in 1976, KSF Orthopaedic Center has numerous Board Certified/Eligible physicians on staff trained in a full array of specialties.  We have the expertise and facility to provide the treatment needed for your unique condition.  Our physicians are highly experienced in a range of surgeries, including meniscal transplants, total knee replacements, minimally invasive knee replacements and knee implants. 

We also do our best to avoid surgical remedies.  In some cases, proper therapy and activity adjustment can reduce pain and discomfort. Where possible, we can put together a therapy regimen to provide relief without resorting to surgery. 

KSF Orthopaedic Center has the expertise and facility to provide the first-rate orthopedic knee care you need.  To learn more, contact us today.  

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