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KSF Orthopaedic Center, P.A. has been treating Houston area residents for nearly 30 years. Over that time we have seen and treated entire families of patients spanning over generations. We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please click here and send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I was at the quality of treatment that I received at TOPS. I am sure there is no one that really looks forward to having knee replacement surgery; but, you staff made the adventure one of assured confidence and complete trust in what was to take place. From the pre-entrance testing, the very informative class, the waiting room prep prior to surgery, the recovery room following surgery and the care in my room were all accomplished by very professional, caring staff members. I answered a survey and gave you all nothing but the highest possible score in ALL areas. You and your staff should all be very proud of the service and care you provide to those of us that have parts of our bodies that just wear out! Thank you for all that you did for me to make this journey as easy as possible. I can not say enough about how thankful I am to have had Dr. George take care of me.

- John G.

John G.

Dear Dr. Kant,

Thank you for the interest you took in me and in alerting my other doctors. My iron level dropped to 25 and my red blood count was low. I have had another series of two iron infusion treatments and am beginning to feel much better, due to your persistence in notifying my other doctors.

I was in real pain when I came to you but it is much better now. I have trusted and appreciated you for over 25 years now and always will. The two back surgeries that you performed on me have allowed me to still enjoy coming to work every day. I turned 86 in July and my only plans are to keep on keeping on- and stay on my strict diet...



KSF Doctors,

I just wanted to thank you for taking good care of me when I was in your office a couple of weeks ago! I wish all of my doctors had your bedside manners. Although I waited for sometime to see you, it was well worth it. Just showing that you cared meant so much and as a patient, I wanted to commend you on your service and everyone I interacted with in your office was courteous, had smiles on their faces and seemed to enjoy their jobs. Great Job! See you in couple of weeks for my surgery.

Sharon S.

Dr. George,

Thank you very much for staying late yesterday to take the appointment with my son Philip.  After injuring the same ankle several times in the past few years (and KSF’s ongoing care), it gave Shannon and me great peace of mind to know that there was no new break and that Philip would be able to manage his trip to Waco for orientation at Baylor today.

We have been patients of KSF going back to 1991, and we appreciate the care and attention we have received over these long years.  I think Shannon saw either Dr. Kant or Dr. Fitzgerald in 1991 on an emergency basis for her back on the day before we left on vacation for a cruise, and Dr. Stuart did my ACL surgery back in 1995.  Most recently, I saw Dr. Kant for a problem with my calf last November (and, Dr. Kant, I’m happy to report that I have totally recovered after the 8 weeks of rest you suggested – I’ve been back working hard on the elliptical trainer for 6 months now with no further pain or complications).

I am hopeful that we won’t need to see anyone at KSF on an emergency basis again anytime soon, but we greatly appreciate the consideration and care that was shown to us yesterday very much, Dr. George…please pass along our regards to your staff as well!

Have a great day…

Mark L.

Dr. George and the entire KSF staff,

I want to thank you guys, you are amazing. Very Thoughtful and Caring. After trying many different options available Dr. George and i agreed that my only real option was surgery. Even though I was on the young side for this procedure. I was very scared but i knew that i had the best doctor on the job. I had a knee replacement March 2012. I was only 49 at the time and had worked in retail for over 20 years on my feet.My knee hurt so bad i was unable to do my job as a retail store manager. I was scared and was concerned about my recovery if i would be able to return to my job. Dr. George and his staff were with me every step of the way. I returned to work after 3 months not at 100% but better then before the surgery.

It is now approaching a year since my surgery and i am thrilled to report that i am pain free and feeling wonderful. I can kneel and bend and even dance. Dr. George is an amazing doctor he always took the time to listen and help. The Physical therapy department is also outstanding they really pushed me but thats what it took so Thank you all very much. Keep up the Great work.

Karole Coleman

I started 2013 with a torn MCL, ACL, and Lateral Meniscus

from an accident on a trampoline. After doing some research I was pretty devastated that I could be looking at a year before I would be back to riding/racing dirt bikes. Fortunately I was referred to KSF Orthopedics and met Dr. Michael George.

Dr. Michael George and the entire staff of KSF was very professional and put my mind at ease with this injury from the first appointment. Along with diagnosis of torn ligaments, Dr. Michael George was able to diagnose a Blood Clot that had formed from the injury, and I was able to get treated before having surgery, which was lifesaving.

On the day of surgery both Dr. Michael George and TOPS Surgical center staff were very professional, and took the anxiety out of having to go through surgery.

One unique thing about KSF is that treatment does not stop after surgery, Physical therapy starts the next day. Starting PT immediately after surgery sets KSF apart from other Orthopedic Centers. This accelerated my rehabilitation and put me back riding in 3 months post-surgery.

I am very grateful for the treatment received from KSF and Dr. Michael George, and Highly recommend them.

Chad Picciotti

Dr. George and his entire staff were fantastic!

I chose Dr. George to handle my ACL reconstruction after extensive research and referrals from trusted friends. It’s been 4 months since my surgery, and I feel better than ever, and I’m active and playing sports again! Thanks Dr. George!!

Jody V.

I had a Right Anterior Hip Replacement on 8/12/13 performed by Dr. Albert Cuellar at the TOPS Hospital.

I was impressed with the professionalism and skill with which the procedure was performed. I was also pleased with Dr. Cuellar's entire staff at KSF as well as the post-op care I have received from TOPS and the KSF staff. My wife Donna and I would recommend Dr. Cuellar and his excellent staff to anyone who is in need of their services. I am back to my regular exercise and work routine and as far as the right hip I am totally pain-free. Thanks to the KSF Orthopedic Center. I am enjoying retirement more than ever.

Frank W. Stransky

Dear KSF Staff,

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the kind and professional cooperation from your entire practice during my recent travel from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Houston, TX to repair the distal biceps tendon injury.

I have never had such a great experience with a medical team, especially given the additional challenge of coordinating logistics from halfway around the world. Your administration and clinical staff are to be commended for their professionalism, empathy and sincere efforts to ensure that I could be treated successfully on such short notice.

As a former professional NFL athlete, I have had many instances along the way where I have had to work with medical teams. I can honestly say that your practice and your team represent the “Gold Standard” for what patient care should be…you truly care.

Thanks again for all that you do. By the way, I’m doing great!

Bill Stephanos

KSF Staff,

Thank you for all that you've done for me. In the short time that. In the short time that I've gotten to know you, you have all been very generous, friendly, and truly caring. Those of which are difficult qualities to find in one person, much less an entire staff. I am forever grateful to you.

Thank you,




Thanks Dr. George,

Pat Duddleston

2 knee replacements and 8 months later I'm back to doing what I love.

- 1st Knee - November 3, 2015

- 2nd Knee - February 3, 2016

Photo is from hike to peak in July 2016!

Pat Duddleston

I have been using KSF since 2013. I have never experienced such a friendly,professional,and knowledegeable staff. From appointments to billing to the entire medical staff. In particular DR CUELLAR who has been exceptional in helping me with my knees and helping me attain a pain free lifestyle which we all deserve. Through his expertise I now have a plan for future knee replacement which will be definitely done with him and the KSF staff. I also had the pleasure of working with DR GEORGE on my torn rotator cuff. His expertise in surgery helped me with correcting and rehabilitating my rotator cuff and the after care and rehab was outstanding. I am truly becoming a KSF BIONIC MAN! Thank you all and I would give you 10 STARS if possible!!!

- Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Good Job!!

My son had a lateral release outpatient surgery with Dr. George, and I would like to say that we are totally satisfied with his work. He was great!! Very patient. I would highly recommend to him to anybody in need. Thanks.

Pleased to add that my son's surgery was very successful and is cleared for football!! He's a happy camper

Emilie S.

Houston Orthopedic Review

Dr. George,

Thank you so much for helping me to get back in the saddle.

Jesus Rodriguez (Jockey)

Houston orthopedic testimonial

Dr. George,

I'm back in the game. Thanks!

Chris Ulrich

Dear Michael Berkowitz (KSF Administrator),

Let me begin with thank you. Your staff at KSF Orthopaedic Center is phenomenal. Dr. Michael George greeted me with genuine interest in my right knee injury and he really listened to me. His caring attitude continued throughout my surgery and follow-up appointments. It is satisfying to have a doctor who cares. His arthroscopic procedure went perfectly. I have healed and am without pain.

Alicia Walker was my therapist. She greeted me with a friendly smile each time asking me how I felt. She made me work and encouraged me to continue my exercises at home, which I did diligently. I have beenin therapy before and have never had such a good experience and great results. Her care was the best one could have.

I am one pleased patient who wants to compliment these excellent professionals and who really appreciates the wonderful care I received. A simple thank you would not be enough.

Karen D. McClesky


Dr. George did a great job on my total left shoulder replacement, at 84 years old I was able to use my in in 2 weeks without pain, I am very pleased at the outcome.

Doris E.


Alicia Walker,

It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse KSF therapist Alicia Walker. For the last few years I have been retired from a 40 year carrier in the oil industry. I have needed Therapy recently and KSF's performance has exceeded my expectation, time and time again. Alicia Walker is an exceptional therapist who truly is concerned about her patients. She has managed to respond consistently with respect, compassion, and fairness. The experiences have had a profound effect on me and that is because of KSFs exceptional skill and professionalism, exhibited by Alicia and her team. I urge you to carefully consider KSF. and Alicia who is, quite simply, a remarkable young leader.

Sincerely, Dale Kaltenbach

Dale Kaltenbach


I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in my early teens. Throughout my life, I consistently had severe knee pain. I lived with this pain for over 40 years. I have had several arthroscopic knee surgeries and injections but nothing would release the pain. By the age 50, the pain was so severe that I started losing mobility to live a full, active life and sadly, I became dependent on a wheel chair. After many years of being denied surgery due to my young age or the doctors saying there was no hope because a surgery would not benefit me, Dr. Michael George agreed to knee replacements. Both knees were replaced within a few months apart. I was able to walk without any type of equipment 1 month after my second knee was done. I have total motion in both knees. I now have my life back!! I am no longer confined to a wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of walking around the house, driving a vehicle, and playing with my grandchildren. Thank you Dr. George for caring and giving me hope!

Vicki Cross-Grigsby

Dr. Kant,

Thanks to your wonderful repair job on my leg, I hope to be skiing on Thanksgiving Day. I wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Bill Gibson

Dr. Kant,

houston leg surgery reviewThank you for your wonderful work repairing my broken leg back in February. I believe you used 2 plates in my leg and whatever it is it doesn't ring the alarms at the airport security stations. During several trips in recent months I have gone through the security at Houston, Atlanta and Boston airports and nothing set off the alarm. On a recent trip with my son we traveled to London, Berlin,New Delhi, 3 stops in the Middle East and Athens, Greece. The only place that the metal in my leg seemed to set off the scanner was in a hotel in Jordan. I inadvertently found out I can run of my repaired leg. We stood in the security line in London for an hour and a half and they were making the last call for our name on our non-stop flight to Houston. We were anxious to get home and took off running to get to the gate and down the jetway. We made it but it took about 10 minutes for my heart rate to recover.

Bill Gibson

ksf orthopedic reviews

Riley Ripper

KSF Ortho Staff,

houston hand specialist testimonialI could never put into words or fully express my gratitude to you for taking my case, especially with it being a Mississippi Workman's Comp situation. I hope you have received full compensation for your time & talents spent on my arms, and I hope you'll always know how very much I appreciate your being there for me. You are someone I totally trust & believe in.

It is an incredible blessing for me to have a competent & talented hand specialist/surgeon to turn to. I know it will be a while before I'm completely back to normal after such surgeries, but it's wonderful already being free from the pre-surgery discomforts I have dealt with for the past 2 years now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are a fantastic physician/surgeon, a wonderful person, and you have a gift for making your patients really feel important & cared about. I will continue referring you to everyone I know, both here in Houston & in Mississippi, as I do believe you are truly the BEST in your field.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you, your office staff, Nancy (& all the therapists) for being so sweet, patient, & understanding with me. It's weird to think someone will miss their doctor & his staff, but I know I will. This whole experience has been an answer to prayer for me and I'm eternally grateful.

Mrs. Patrice Gross

Dr. Alan ,

Old woman skis again thanks to KSF Doctors! After 4 surgeries in 8 months, all parts and pieces are working. Torn tendons in the right elbow, torn ligament (complete tear) in the left index finger and torn cartilage in the right wrist. Nice job Doc!

houston wrist surgery review


Dr. Kant,

houston shoulder injuryMy shoulder injury was caused by improper use of weights in 1990. The pain flared up every so often and a Cortisone injection usually took care of it for a few years. I now own a small business designing and fabricating stained glass lamps. In 2004 the recurrence of pain made it impossible to work on my glass, it was time for a permanent solution for my pain. Dr. Kant has treated my husband and children with the usual assortment of broken bones for over 25 years. Our now grown children still see him when needed. Therefore, I have a great deal of confidence in him. In March of 2004 Dr. Kant diagnosed a torn Rotator Cuff and Bone Spur. It was so convenient to have the physician’s office, MRI and Physical Therapy Center in one location. My surgery on April 28th 2005 went very well, and I started physical therapy one week later.

My team of therapists, Ricky, Andy and Evelyn were wonderful. Ricky was always checking my technique and progress. Andy and Evelyn stayed with me the entire session, always monitoring, encouraging me to do more and keeping my spirits up when I thought things were going to slowly. I finished my therapy in August of 2005, just four months after my surgery. I had regained 98% of my arm function, which I have heard is far above the normal result. I cannot say enough about the entire staff at KSF from the physicians and therapist to everyone who assisted me in my surgery and made my recovery a great one. I am back at work and have finished my first post-surgery lamp, something that I couldn’t imagine 6 months ago.

Lynne Salcetti

Dr. Kant,

houston knee surgeon reviewThanks to you, here we are in Southern Chile. My knee is doing fine. I am being very careful with it, but having a great time. I may never come back. I just wanted to thank you for the great care from KSF. It's impossible to express how much you did for me. I was so worried that my skiing and hiking days were over.

Tim Pulliam

KSF Ortho & Staff,

I would like to take a few moments to compliment the KSF staff for the outstanding professional service I received.

From the time I arrived at KSF, my experience was positive. The entire KSF team was wonderful. I cannot think of one of your teammates that did not express a positive professional attitude. I felt their true concern for my welfare as the patient.

After my surgery I was assigned to Amy and Elisa for my rehab. What a wonderful support team; professional, patient, knowledgeable, friendly and concerned. Luck was with me the day I received that assignment. Because of Amy and Elisa and the atmosphere they create I always look forward to attending my next therapy session. Amy has even called my home, checking to make sure that everything was ok. I was not assigned to the other team but my observation is that they are just as caring and professional and represent the KSF team well.

My experience with and exposure to the KSF team has been much better than I expected. It is obvious that you, and the owners of KSF realize that people are your most valuable asset. It is my humble observation that KSF has assembled a team that any organization would be proud of and a team your competitors would love to employ.

Again, a special thank you to KSF Ortho, Amy, Elisa and your wonderful team.

Charles McPhail