Regenerative Injection Therapy

When conservative treatment fails, regenerative therapy alternative can reduce the pain and disability associated with a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions, including:

Injectable Regenerative Therapy

Injectable regenerative therapy delivers clinically impactful outcomes without the potential complications associated with repeated steroid injections or unclear benefits of PRP. Benefits of a regenerative injection therapy (RIT) include:

  • Reduce Inflammation & Associated Pain & Disability
  • Improve Pain & Disability
  • Restore Range of Motion
  • Manage Scar Tissue Formation

Steroid Injections vs. UC/AM Particulate Injection

For many patients, plantar fasciitis symptoms will often resolve with time and conservative measures. However, 15-30% of patients will progress to a chronic condition, and many active patients demand immediate relief.

Corticosteroids have been traditionally used secondarily to conservative treatment. While these anti-inflammatory injections do produce immediate relief, their impact often diminishes after a few months requiring additional injections. Unfortunately, repeated injections have been associated with fat pad atrophy and plantar fascia rupture.

Due to concerns with repeated steroid injections, there is an opportunity for a safe and effective injection alternative that modulates short-term inflammation, while supporting long-term regenerative healing.

What is UC/AM Particulate Injection

Umbilical Cord and Amniotic Membrane injection seeks to safely and reliably resolve symptoms of chronic plantar fasciitis by reducing short-term pain and inflammation while encouraging a regenerative environemnt for long-term healing. This solution contains increased quantities of growth factors, cytokines, and, most importantly, the key effector protein complex - Heavy Chain Hyaluronic acid with Pentraxin 3 (HC-HA complex).

This HC-HA complex has been identified as a critical matrix component with the ability to recuse inflammation and direct the affected tissue through the healing process.

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