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Shoulder problems can occur at any age.  Years of use and strains can take their toll, leaving individuals with conditions such as stiffness, loss of motion and even arthritis.  But young athletes can suffer shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears, impingements, dislocations and separations.  If you are suffering from a shoulder condition, you need the very best orthopedic care available.  Turn to the orthopedic shoulder specialists at KSF Orthopaedic for expert, quality shoulder treatment and care. 

Shoulder Injury Treatment & Surgery

In business since 1976, KSF is committed to excellence in orthopedic care.  Staffed with numerous Board Certified / eligible physicians trained in a range of specialties, we are a full-service shoulder care center in Houston, TX capable of treating all major shoulder problems and conditions. 

Our physicians are highly skilled and experienced with arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  This minimally invasive procedure is performed through small incisions that minimize postoperative pain and accelerate recovery.  This form of surgery can be used to treat a range of shoulder ailments and injuries, including rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, bursitis and even bone spur removal. 

But depending on the severity of the shoulder injury or condition, surgery might be avoided with appropriate nonsurgical approaches such as therapy or activity modification.  This can minimize or eliminate down time and eliminate the discomfort and risks associated with surgery. 

If arthroscopy surgery is insufficient to treat major injury, KSF can perform shoulder replacement surgery.  This more extensive procedure replaces part of the shoulder ball joint or the full ball and socket with prosthetics. 

KSF is committed to providing you with the level of care you need.  From physical therapy to full shoulder replacement, shoulder impingements and rehabilitation, KSF has the expertise and facilities to provide you with the first-class care you need. 

Forms of Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint held together by a collection of muscles, tendons and ligaments that comprise a number of supporting systems.  These connective tissues can be subject to a number of different types of injuries. 

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles connected to the shoulder blade that rotate the shoulder. As many athletes know, the rotator cuff can be torn in a variety of ways.


The bursa is a small fluid-filled sac between the rotator cuff and acromion. The bursa might suffer inflammation – bursitis – which can be painful.


The labrum is a pocket of soft tissue in the shoulder that stabilizes the ball in its socket and also serves as the attachment of the biceps tendon. The labrum can be torn when the shoulder is dislocated.

Shoulder Diagram

shoulder diagram


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