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Bringing Order to the Information Overload

COVID-19 has forced us all to turn on a dime. The last thing we have time for is sorting through the bombardment of information noise. If you are a medical professional in Houston and looking for help, this is a great start.


If we haven’t thought about it before, we are considering it now. There are full service platforms like Intrepy Healthcare Marketing that will manage not just your telemedicine, but will manage your social media, email communication and chatbot.

You can also use platforms such as:

Medical Supplies

Maintaining PPE supply has become a daunting task. Shortages, theft and misinformation have heavily complicated what is usually a straightforward supply ordering process.

Sites like Every Ancillary might be a solution. As products become available they are added to the list of supplies specifically for COVID-19.

Household and Child Care Assistance

A group of Houston medical profession students want to help those on the front lines by matching provider needs with volunteers in household management and child care. HTX COVIDSITTERS will match you with a best-fit volunteer while you are helping those with COVID-19 and other emergencies.

Local Patient Resources and Testing

In the Houston and Harris County area, our most straightforward information for patients is through Harris County Public Health.

There are multiple locations for drive-thru COVID testing in Texas, listed on the Texas Health and Human Services page.


We hope these links simplify the long lists of COVID-19 information for you.

We are in this together.

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