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Dr. George Featured on NPR on the Ethics of Treating Athletes

Robert Siegel interviews KSF’s Houston orthopedist Michael S. George, co-author of a study about the ethics in sports medicine and also a former team doctor.

Excerpt from the Interview


Several hundred pro-football players say that the National Football League supplied them with painkillers, risky narcotics, to keep them playing, despite injuries. Some say they weren’t told of the seriousness of those injuries. Others say they became addicted to the drugs and they have sued.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t yet commented. He told reporters yesterday that the league’s lawyers have not yet been able to review the lawsuit. Among the best-known ex-players who are plaintiffs are Jim McMahon and Richard Dent, both former stars for the Chicago Bears.

SIEGEL: Well, joining us to talk about the ethics of treating athletes is Dr. Michael George, a Houston orthopedist who has been a team physician for several colleges, high schools, an arena football team and an AAA minor league baseball team. Dr. George, welcome to the program.

Read the Entire Transcript from the Interview>>

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