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Dr. Michael George Discusses Knee Pain on Sport Injury Blog

Dr. Michael George recently contributed to a post on the STOP Sports Injuries Blog, a website dedicated to information and resources on sports-related injury prevention in kids. Dr. George discusses one of the most common questions in orthopedics and sports medicine; “Why Does My Knee Hurt?”

See excerpt below:

Runners, climbers, and athletes of all types can struggle with knee pain. Even without a major injury, knee pain can sideline the most dedicated of athletes. The most common cause of knee pain in athletes is patellofemoral syndrome. This is a condition in which the kneecap (patella) does not track normally in the groove of the femur (trochlea). This leads to pain in the front of the knee, especially when loading the patellofemoral joint while going up and down stairs, kneeling, and squatting.

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