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Lisfranc Injuries in Houston

If bones in your midfoot are broken or ligaments that support your midfoot are torn, you’ve likely suffered a Lisfranc injury. While a Lisfranc injury is often mistaken for a simple sprain, this type of injury is pretty severe. It may require many months and even surgery to heal. Your midfoot is made up of a cluster of small bones that help to form your foot’s arch. The midfoot joint complex is also called the Lisfranc joint (named after French surgeon Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin). Lisfranc injuries also tend to damage the cartilage found in your midfoot joints. This injury is usually caused by a twist and fall or direct trauma from a fall from a height. Symptoms may include bruising on the top and bottom of your foot, swelling, tenderness, and pain that seems to worsen with standing, walking, or attempting to push off on your affected foot.

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The Prognosis on Lisfranc Injury Treatment and Recovery

X-rays, CT, and MRI scans are usually required to diagnose a Lisfranc injury. Depending upon the severity of your injury, both surgical and nonsurgical treatments may be available. A nonsurgical treatment plan usually includes wearing a non-weight-bearing cast or boot for at least six weeks, progressing into a removable cast boot or an orthotic. However, surgery may be required to realign the joints and return your broken bone fragments to a normal position. Rehabilitation is usually recommended for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery. Athletes should note that some who sustain this type of injury never return to their pre-injury levels. Some may develop arthritis in the future.

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