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What is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger is a condition in which a finger bends the end joint but will not straighten by itself. The fingertip can be pushed straight but will not maintain that position on its own. This occurs when the finger’s extensor tendon is stretched or torn, or the bone attached to the tendon is broken (fractured).
This condition usually occurs when the finger’s tip jams against an object or a direct blow to the finger’s tip. This frequently happens while playing sports such as basketball or volleyball when the ball hits the end of the finger. It may also be seen following a laceration to the top of the finger.

Mallet Finger Symptoms

Symptoms include the inability to straighten the fingertip on its own and associated swelling, redness, and pain. Your doctor can usually make the diagnosis of a mallet finger by examining your finger. A doctor will order an x-ray to determine if a fracture is present.

Common Treatments

In most cases, treatment involves splinting the fingertip to hold the end joint in hyperextension. This allows the tendon to heal properly. The splint is custom made by a hand therapist. It is worn at all times for 6-8 weeks. The hand therapist will usually make you two splints and show you how to change splints after bathing.

If the injury is associated with a broken bone or does not respond to splinting, a doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. A small pin is placed across the affected joint (this is left in only temporarily and removed in the office after 6-8 weeks). Sometimes hand therapy is indicated following surgery. Your doctor will decide if this is necessary. Contact KSF Orthopaedic Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Keith Aldrich- our hand, wrist, and upper extremity specialist. 

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