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Treatment for Hip Labrum Tears

Responsible for holding the top of your thighbone within your hip socket, the ring of cartilage surrounding your hip joint is called your labrum. When you experience a hip labrum tear due to trauma or a repetitive sports injury, it can cause significant pain in your hip or groin area. Other symptoms of a hip labrum tear include stiffness, a limited range in movement, or a locking sensation in your hip joint. If left untreated, a hip labrum tear can lead to osteoarthritis. If you need treatment for a hip labrum tear in North Houston, call KSF Orthopaedic Center to schedule a consultation today.

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Preparing for Your Hip Labrum Tear Appointment

Proper sports conditioning and regular flexibility exercises can help you avoid hip labrum tears. However, if you require treatment for a hip labrum tear in North Houston, here’s what you can expect from KSF Orthopaedic Center. If your symptoms are minor, you may benefit from a conservative approach involving anti-inflammatory medicines, corticosteroid injections, and physical therapy. If your tear is more severe, you may need arthroscopic surgery. The surgeon will either remove the torn labrum or sew the torn tissue back together. Before prescribing treatment, we’ll need a more detailed description of your symptoms, as well as your family and personal medical history and a list of all medications you take.

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