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Pinched Nerve Treatment (Cervical Radiculopathy)

Our award-winning team and Board Certified orthopedic physicians are committed to excellence in orthopedic spine care, treating spine, neck, and back injuries. A common spine and neck ailment is known as a pinched nerve (or medically known as cervical radiculopathy). A pinched nerve can cause some people neck pain that may radiate into the shoulder and arm. An injury often causes this type of neck pain near the root of a spinal nerve.

doctor helping elbow

Causes of Pinched Nerves

As the discs in the vertebrae age, they lose height and begin to bulge, lose water content, and become stiff. As the discs lose height, the vertebrae move closer together. The body responds to this as a possible weak area and forms a bone, known as a spur, to strengthen it. Bone spurs can sometimes pinch the nerve root, which causes the associated neck discomfort.

Seek Treatment

Pain from a pinched nerve is usually described as sharp but can also feel like pins and needles sensation or numbness. Should you feel these symptoms, get in touch with KSF today for a proper diagnosis and treatment regimen from a Board Certified orthopedic physician. Dr. Christopher Hulen offers quality treatment in cervical radiculopathy or “pinched” nerves. Call today to schedule an appointment or learn more about cervical radiculopathy here.

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